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[pct-l] Mt. Hood to Columbia

>Have done all of Oregon from Cal. to Mt. Hood.  Am 59 yr old and want to=

>finish Oregon.  It would be nice if I could do it in sections.  Is there=

>any road access between the two?  What about the Bull Run Watershed.  Ca=
>you camp anywhere in there?  if not what is the best camp closest to it?=

>Where is the closest place to get permits.  How long ahead do I need to
>apply for them.  Guess I have a few more questions.  If I can help any o=

Lolo Pass is the only road crossing between Timberline Lodge and the
Columbia River, however, a paved road does go up to within a couple
hundred yards of the PCT at Wahtum Lake.  I suggest you get the
guidebook from the PCTA store (1-888-PCTRAIL).  There is NO CAMPING in
the Bull Run Watershed, however, the PCT skirts along its eastern
border, so camping really isn't a problem as long as you don't venture
off to the west side of the trail.  A good place to camp in that area is
Salvation Spring Camp.  You can contact the Mount Hood Forest
(503-668-1700) for up-to-date information about permits, or you can
contact the Zig Zag Ranger District (503-622-3191) for information about
the Mount Hood Wilderness and the Hood River Ranger District
(541-352-6002) for information about the Hatfield Wilderness (formerly
the Columbia Wilderness).

Steve Queen
Mount Hood Area Coordinator
Pacific Crest Trail Association
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