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[pct-l] Stealthily as I go...

First off, thanks to all for the "fuel resupply" insights.  It's good to see
that I should be able to improvise this one much as I did on the AT, and with
an 11oz bottle.  Anyone who is familiar with both trails would likely smirk at
the fact that I felt inclined to bring the _33 ounce_ fuel bottle along at the
start of my AT hike in '96!  Better to have it and not need it... right??
  Another concern for this summer's affair on the PCT - I intend to stealth
camp as much as possible along the way, for various reasons, most of which are
listed in the Handbook.  While this is generally accepted through National Forest and BLM land, I wonder about National Parks.  Yosemite comes to mind, and its
notorious bear situation.  Registered camping in designated campgrounds and
campsites would likely be the only legal option, correct?  And here we confront
park blackie at his nightly haunts.  So...
A) are thru-hikers required to carry (or be provided with) rope or bear canisters while in the Park(s)?
B) what is the likelihood that one could get away with stealth camping in the
Parks, both from a "ranger" and "bear" perspective?
C) Who out there has gone either route - stealth vs. non-stealth in the 
national parks, and what's the jist of your experience?
Something tells me experiencing the national parks herded in with the summer
tourists, toting a 3lb. bear foil, and inhaling campfire soot all night
would fail to make for the best memories of the entire trip.
- Blister>Free,
  (who beat the odds on the AT, and intends to keep his namesake still!)
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