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At 12:00 AM 12/26/1997 -0600, you wrote:
>The  homemade straps tended to bunch up and cut off circulation.

I am planning to use commercial (and well tested) straps.  They are
critical to comfort.

>The lack of a hip belt prevented shifting the load.

I find a hip belt NECESSARY!

>The center of gravity was too low causing an unnatural forward
>lean to compensate. 

With an external frame and homemade sack, you can distribute the weight as
you wish.  I will be sure to keep the bottom of the sack fairly shallow so
that it won't hold a ton of weight.

> Stuff uncomfortably poking in the back

The factories understand this problem well.  The solution  is a good back
band and something to keep the load off of it.  I am planning a nylon net
back band and curved horizontal tubes to keep the load away from it.
>On the subject of bears I thought I would open another can of worms. The
>following statement goes against common practice and is even against the
>law in certain sections. However, I never bear bagged my food. 

At three pounds and $78 I can understand why you did not use a bear can.  I
hope to introduce one in 1998 that weighs one pound and costs $25.   Stay
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