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Re: [pct-l] Re: Corn Pasta, bears and stuff

Hi, all, & Merry Xmas & good hikin' in 98.  

A note 2 Andyman: (whom I never met while I did all but 132 mi. of the PCT in
97 - got weathered out & off @ Kennedy Hot Springs, WA.)  Did read yr. note on
the trail in OR where we had that incredible blow-down section & took yr.
advice as 2 bush-wackin' parallel 2 the trail, & got 2 C some elk as a reward
while avoidin' the blowdowns.
Now, 2 all re. bear-baggin':  I, 2, just "slept w/my food" w/no prob. at all.
Generally my technique was to stop & cook/eat in the late afternoon/early PM,
then hike on 'til last light.  I believe that this technique also helps in
avoidin' Mr. Bear.  Saw 7 of 'em, most ever' 1 a-runnin' fm. my imposin' self.
Heard of 1 of the class of '97's losin' vittles 2 ursines, 'twas the Rice
Bros. in the Sierras.

Happy Trails 2 all.  Wanchor
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