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[pct-l] Re: Water Purity in Washington State

On Thu, 11 Dec 1997 Ted Williams <TedWi@Attachmate.com> wrote: 
> Andyman wrote
> >As a matter of fact I didn't carry my filter again until Oregon where 
> there
> are some stretches where water must be obtained from stagnant ponds
> (because you are on the crest). I don't think I ever purified my 
> water
> through Washington and never was sick the whole way. However, bring a
> bottle of iodine tablets along for insurance in case you do hit a
> questionable source.<
> In my opinion, Andyman got pretty lucky.  I live in Seattle and do a 
> lot of hiking in the Cascades and Olympic Mountains.  EVERYONE I know 
> purifies their water.  I know of at least one friend (a former Eagle 
> scout no less) who decided the water was okay and didn't purify it. 
>  He ended up in the Emergency room at a local hospital.  We have a lot 
> of 'coons around here.  They are notorious for carrying Giardia.  You 
> are taking your chances if you don't purify your water.  My First Need 
> water filter is the best weight investment I have.

Well here's someone who has lived in Seattle for 18 years and has never
owned a filter. I never had giardia either, and I've been backpacking in
the Paysayten, Alpine Lakes and other wilderness areas as well as hundreds
of day trips to Rainier, the Olympics, etc. I am certainly not saying
everyone has resistance or is "immune" to giardia, but there are many of
us who don't treat our water and are doing just fine, thank you.