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Svein - 

Just like on the AT, people who hike the AT "alone" are usually not alone.
 Many people on the trail go solo and hook up with others as they desire.
 There were approximately 130 on the trail last season, so it was not hard to
find other thru-hikers.  Of course, this refers to those heading north.  Last
season there was only a dozen people going south.  If you start around May 1,
you will run into plenty of people.  The only people on the trail in Southern
California at that time of the year are thru-hikers.  I started on May 1 and
met about a dozen people the first three days of the trip.  There were other
sections where I didn't see anyone for a couple days straight though, unlike
the AT!

If you seriously want to consider finishing the whole trail, plan on doing it
in five months.  Finishing by October 1 is highly recommended.  Check out
some of the sites of other '97 thru-hikers at the PCTA homepage (other links)
to find out about late September weather in Washington state.  It's often not
very enjoyable.  That means that the average hiker has to be able to do 20+
mile days consistently.  If one follows the lightweight methods espoused by
Jardine though, this shouldn't be a problem.  Of course that assumes a decent
level of fitness.  If you did the AT though, you will be able to do the PCT!

It's possible to mail food as you did on the AT.  This past season there were
several thru-hikers who did this.  The california section has good resupply
points (except for Warner Springs <nothing>, Kennedy Meadows, Vermillion
Valley Resort <enough for a couple days>, Burney Falls) for the most part.
 Recommended are the bigger towns such as San Diego, Idyllwild, Big Bear
City, Wrightwood, Tehachapi, Mammoth Lakes (Reds Meadow), Independence or
Lone Pine, Yosemite Village, South Lake Tahoe (Echo Summit), Dunsmuir
(Castella), and Seiad Valley.  These all have large supermarkets.  There are
smaller markets in other towns.  The situation in Oregon and Washington is
much worse.  I suggest sending food for Oregon from Ashland and sending food
for Washington from Cascade Locks.

Good Luck!!

Jeremy Rice
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