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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #278

I went through four pairs of running shoes on my PCT hike last season.  I
would suggest getting new shoes every 500 miles, otherwise your feet will
start complaining by the end of the hike (sometimes loudly!).  I know it
costs a lot for a good pair of running shoes, but it is well worth it.  I
spent $300 on footwear and it was worth it.  Your feet will thank you
afterward.  Asics were my favorite brand.

As far as shoe size, I had size 11 before the trip and wore size 12 1/2 to 13
on my thru-hike.   Feet swelling seemed to be pretty universal for
thru-hikers.  I recommend working on your ankles before the trip, although
the hiking trail doesn't become rough until 600-700 miles into the trip
(north).  It's true what Andyman said, the only people hiking in shoes were
thru-hikers.  It works though as long as you go light!  I can't stress that
enough.  That means 20-30 pounds including food and water.  It can be done.

My favorite socks were Wigwam Ultimax training socks (the ankle length ones).
 They are expensive ($7-8), but are very durable.  You could probably get by
with 5 pairs for all of California if you wanted.  I'm still using mine after
the trip.

I used the Cassin Dragonfly ice axe on the trip and thought it was worth the
price.  I own several other ice axes and the Dragonfly is great!  You don't
even know you have it with you!  The axe seemed to be less expensive in
California (I saw it in several sporting shops along the way) than I got it
for up here in Seattle.

Jeremy Rice
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