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[pct-l] svein, velkommen til pct-L

howdy svein!

velkommen til den pct-L.  jeg bli amerikanskenorsk som kan
snakke noen norsk.  du har noen fint spoersmaaler og jeg
onske aa seir hva folk skrive

i hope the above says...

welcome to the pct-L.  i am an american norwegian who can
speak some norwegian.  you have some good questions and i
would like to see what folks write.

On Sun, 26 Oct 1997, it was written:

> Hi, 
> I'm Svein Eriksen, Norwegian and new to this list. I've started thinking
> about doing the PCT in 1998. I'm still very much in the thinking about
> it phase, but if it's going to happen I've better start asking questions
> now. 
> Posted the questions below on the AT mailing list a few days ago, and
> got quite a few recommendations that I should try out this PCT list.

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