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[pct-l] Hiking help


I'm Svein Eriksen, Norwegian and new to this list. I've started thinking
about doing the PCT in 1998. I'm still very much in the thinking about
it phase, but if it's going to happen I've better start asking questions

Posted the questions below on the AT mailing list a few days ago, and
got quite a few recommendations that I should try out this PCT list.
Thanks for any response!


I hiked the AT in 96. When I finished I promised myself I would never do
something like that again. Now, one year later I'm starting to get
restless. Spend a few days this summer near Klamath Falls (OR), and near
the PCT. Even hiked a couple of miles on it. It looked very tempting.
Except for one thing - no thru-hikers. Probably the wrong season, but as
I've understood it there are not many. 

I hiked the AT "alone", and would do the same on the PCT. But you're
never alone on the AT. And meeting people was certainly one of the
interesting sides of the AT. I'm not interested in 5-6 months without
seeing other hikers / people - would that be the case?

I'm grateful for any opinions, views or statistics. Also, I've just
started reading Ray Jardin's book, and it looks like the PCT is more
difficult time-wise - shorter season, meaning higher milage. Is
everyone doing the PCT (in one season) really strong hikers? I did a
very average 5 months AT.

Last, as I'm Norwegian, living outside of the US it's a bit difficult
(maybe impossible) to organize maildrops. On the AT I just bought food
as I got to stores, and virtually no planning beyond the next week was
ever neccessary. How would that work on the PCT?
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