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[pct-l] Climbing Mt. Whitney during a thru-hike

Hello all,
  This post has nothing to do with horses, logging, ALDHA-West or Ray
Jardine.  Instead, I'm now wondering about the possibilities for climbing
Whitney as a spur adventure on next year's hike north from Campo.  Does the
PCT run reasonably close to a connecting trail heading for Whitney's summit?
Is it a day-hike out-and-back sort of deal?  Are any permits required?  I've
heard something about a lottery system of issuing permits, and a maximum of
50 people allowed on the mountain via Whitney Portal, but how does this
figure into the itinerary of a northbound thru-hiker?  Who out there has done
this and can report the facts and figures?  Much obliged...
- Blister>Free, GA-ME '96-'97, PCT '98
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