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[pct-l] Clear cutting on the Pacific Crest Trail

Dear Mr. Gore,

Over the past summer I had the privilege of through hiking the Pacific
Crest Trail. Soon after I passed Lake Tahoe and the Desolation Wilderness I
read that you were there as well, working to save the environment of that
region. I decided then and there to write to you on my return and share one
of my concerns with you.

The trail was magnificent experience for me but is unfortunately severely
marred in several places by recent and past logging. I realize that the PCT
passes over land that was owned by the private timber companies long before
the trail was ever built and that relatively few people will ever have the
opportunity to hike it as I have. However, I feel that many more people
just enjoy the knowledge that it is there and in fact could hike it
someday. As the world becomes inevitably more urbanized a quality
wilderness experience such as this one will become increasingly rare and
valuable. The PCT, and for that matter all the other National Scenic
Trails, are beyond any doubt national treasures of the highest order and as
such should be preserved for future generations at all costs.

What I am proposing is simply this. The establishment of a mile wide no cut
corridor over the entire length of the trail. Since most of it is already
protected by national and state parks, wildernesses, and forests this is
much less than the 2650 or so square miles that one would at first suppose.
Still, there are a significant amount of pristine but unprotected miles
along the trail that will eventually fall to the chain saw if something is
not done soon to protect them. Already damaged areas should be should be
protected as well and allowed to return to their natural state permanently.

If eminent domain can be used to build the thousands of miles of road we
use and need in this country then perhaps that concept can be used in
reverse to keep intact an important part of our also much needed wilderness
heritage. I believe that the American people are entitled to it. I hope
that you agree with me on this concept and can perhaps help see it through.
Thank you for your time and please let me know if their is anything at all
I can do to help.


					Andy Strickland
					Eugene, Oregon

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