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[pct-l] Re: environmentally friendly?

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997 Daniel Rufner wrote:

>After all the things that get talked to death here, I was surprised to find
>no response regarding the fires near Wrightwood.

Sorry I didn't mention that here but it is posted on the PCTA trail conditions 

>Maybe there is no response because, realistically, a majority of hikers
>(especially throgh hikers it seems) have litle respect for the trail.  I'm
>not going to accuse that many are disprectful (though we did get the feeling
>from a few fellow through hikers last year who had the attitude of "I'm a
>through hiker, I can do whatever I want because I'm out for so long and am
>so cool"), but I am surprised what seems to be a general lack of knowledge
>regarding some safe practices.  We meant to write a letter to the PCTA
>encouraging the class this year to act better, but we never got around to
>it.  I encourage Joe to make this a priority in the Communicator next year,
>to have the PCTA and ALDHA hold workshops on the topic at the gatherings,
>and for people to really seek some info before setting out.

The PCTA has three such workshops scheduled at Campfest in a few weeks 
(I'll post the schedule here in a couple days).  As for people seeking info 
setting out, I always recommend Jardine's PCT Hiker's Handbook to those 
calling the PCTA office saying they're planning a thru-hike.  As you know, 
Jardine covers everything from fires to restaurant etiquette to toilet paper 
in his book.  While reading this book will not necessarily change the way 
people will act, it should at least make the potential thru-hiker aware of the 

safe practices necessary to make it out on the trail.  I'll do my best to 
address some of your concerns in upcoming issues of the Communicator.

Joe at the PCTA office

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