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Re: [pct-l] Thru-hikers, 1997

     In a message dated:  Thu, 28 Aug 1997 00:02:05 -0400 (EDT), Mike 
     (NoHorses@aol.com) wrote:

     Just wondering if anyone had seen/heard from/ or knows anything about a
friend of mine who is on the trail.. Last I heard, he was near Lake Tahoe in
late June..

  His name is Justin Davis, and I think he is hiking with his girlfriend (
Katrina). I kind of lost touch with him when I quit the job that we worked
together at. But I'd really like to know how he's doing on the trip..



     Justin Davis is doing very well and will probably finish the trip (be in 
     Canada) in about 1 month.  He is somewhere around Ollalie Lake, Oregon 
     right now.  He is currently walking with a person called "Treetop".  Justin 
     is planning to be in Timberline Ski area tomorrow (Aug. 29) and will be 
     celebrating his 21st birthday there.
     Katrina had planned on hiking the entire trail but has developed burnout.  
     She hiked for 60 days (from Mexico to Tuolumne Meadows) with Justin and 
     then decided to take a few weeks off.  After a few weeks off (and a 
     vacation with the family), she rejoined Justin at Old Station, CA.  Two 
     days later at Burney Falls, their backpacks were stolen from the trail 
     while they were at a nearby creek filling their water bottles.  They came 
     home to regroup and resupply and were back on the trail 5 days later.  
     About a week later (near Mt. Shasta), Katrina decided she was just plain 
     tired of walking 25 miles a day.  At that point she came home again, got 
     her car and drove back to Oregon to be a "trail angel" for Justin and the 
     other PCT hikers who happen to be going through.  She has now decided she 
     is ready to hit the trail again and is planning to join Justin for the trip 
     through Washington.
     Carol Reinhardt
     (Katrina's mom)

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