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[pct-l] PCT: Snoqualmie to Stevens / WA

I'm planning a trip the next week (Aug 23 - 28) along one segment of the PCT
in Washington State, from Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass, and I was hoping I
could get some input from others who have traversed this length. I've been
trying to get in touch with the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie Ranger's office, but get
no answer, so I'm thirsty for some info.

1) Is the trail rugged enough to warrant heavier boots or light enough for
midweight trekking boots? (I estimate my pack will be around 40 to 50 pounds
at the most.)

2) What are some good sites for stopping for the night?

3) Can I expect to see some black bears or griz? Are they neighborly or food
bag savvy. [Come to think of it, has anyone tried the bear-resistant
containers; I've heard they've gone a long way to reducing incidents of Yogi &
Booboo situations in Denali.]

4) Is this a heavily populated part of the trail, and if so does the flow tend
to move south to north, or n to s?

5) I'm planning to do it in 6 days. The Mountaineers guide says the trail is
67 miles from the one pass to the other, while Volume 2 of the Pacific Crest
Guide says it's about 74. I wonder who's right.

Victor Cosby

"Walk softly and... PACK IT OUT!"
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