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[pct-l] Thinking Ahead

As he steps north into Oregon tomorrow, Jon Phipps asked me to write and pose
these two questions:

1.  When should he expect to begin hitting rain and need real rain gear?
 He's averaging 25 miles a day or better and not taking any days off except
 for one or two mail problems.  He hopes to finish Oregon in about 3 weeks.  

2.  How cold is it going to be in the Cascades in September?  (He's hoping to
do Washington in 4 weeks.)  In terms of cold, will he need more than long
underwear, short sleeved shirt and shorts, fleece vest, fleece hat, gloves,
and goretex rain jacket?  Or is that going to be too much clothing?  All the
winter stuff is sitting here in Florida, awaiting shipment  back to the
trail.  Since he's dropped about 30 lbs since he started in Campo, he's for
sure not carrying any natural insulation. 

Any and all opinions appreciated.


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