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[pct-l] Re: Thinking Ahead--Wash Cascades

In pct-l v1 #220, Bluetrail@aol.com writes:

> How cold is it going to be in the Cascades in September?  (He's hoping
>to do Washington in 4 weeks.)  In terms of cold, will he need more than
>long underwear, short sleeved shirt and shorts, fleece vest, fleece hat,
>gloves, and goretex rain jacket?  Or is that going to be too much
>clothing?  All the winter stuff is sitting here in Florida, awaiting
>shipment back to the trail.  Since he's dropped about 30 lbs since he
>started in Campo, he's for sure not carrying any natural insulation. 

Can be cold at night--hell, it can be cold during the day. One year it
snowed six inches where I was camping in the North Cascades on the Fourth
of July and that snow stuck around for days. [For those who want to know
where and when, it was 1986 in Horseshoe Basin.] I'd definitely bring one
more piece of warm clothing, a wool shirt or sweater, for the upper body
and some wool or fleece pants.

As for rain, we had a very late summer here. Does that mean that the
autumn rains will arrive late also? It is hard to say at this point.
September can be a dry month, but forecasters say this is an El Nino year,
so it will be wetter than usual this winter. I'd take a wild guess and say
it will be pretty dry for the first two weeks of the month.

By the way, the last stretch of the PCT in Washington is absolutely
gorgeous. For an account of my 1995 hike along that stretch, visit


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