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[pct-l] Mount Hood Update

The snow on the PCT in the Mount Hood area is almost gone!  This
weekend, one crew logged out from Ramona falls up to the north Paradise
Park trail junction before running into long patches of snow.  Another
crew got halfway between Barlow Pass and Timberline Lodge before snow

As of today, the entire stretch of PCT between Panther Creek in southern
Washington and Clackamas Ranger Station (the Mount Hood chapter's turf)
has been logged out except for:
 * the snow covered stretch between Paradise Park and south of
   Timberline Lodge (7 miles)
 * from Muddy Fork south for 2 miles

We have another crew going out this Saturday, "probably" to tackle the
Muddy Fork blowdown.  Since it's a Wilderness, we will be using misery
whips (two-person crosscut saws).  Drop me a line if you want to join

Steve Queen
Mount Hood Area Coordinator
Pacific Crest Trail Association
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