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[pct-l] Steve Higgs and Phil Higuera

Report from Pooh Corner (Donner Summit)

In addition to Tom Best and Sarah Stroman, Steve Higgs and Phil Higuera are
with us tonite.  

HELLO PCT WORLD! Making Tracks for a Better Future is doing terrific. We
are here at Pooh Corner, loving the hospitality of Bill and Molly, who have
been so terrific to us. The trail, though full of blood-sucking mosquitos,
has been super. We are doing a 1000 mile stretch, from Walker Pass to Seiad
Valley, and so far, it has been all views, wonderful crest line traverses,
and the wildflowers are turning the mountains vibrant with blues, yellows,
reds, and greens. We are an environmental fundraiser, this is a walkathon
to raise needed funds for environmental education. We are so happy to have
met with great success thus far, at our half way point. To all other
hikers, PCT or not, happy trails, love your moments, and keep a loving
trail community alive. 

Bill Person
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