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[pct-l] Another From The VVR

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After a freek late season snow storm that chased most of us out of the
mountains on Friday the 13th, Mike “Streak” Springer and I went over
Glenn, Pinchot, Mather, Muir and Seldon Passes over 6 days. Mike made
the ferry thursday night and I missed it by 20 minutes so he’s headed
out ahead.

As expected the people here at VVR have been great as expected. In fact
I’ve talked into staying another day. 

The Rice brothers, Jeremy and Stacy, are leaving here tonight. Wanchor,
Scott & Diane, Patrick & Pansy have all left here today. 

Also, Wolf stayed here last night. It was my first time meeting him and
he’s an interesting character for sure. 

There’s been a fair amount of snow on every pass but Selden which hardly
had any. The big debate has been whether or not we’ll need ice axes past
Tuolumne Meadows. I’m keeping mine but several others are sending them

The last I saw of Batch was leaving Kennedy Meadows. Rumor has it that
he’s skipped ahead to Sierra City. I’m not sure where that story came
from so it may be wrong. 

The last I heard of Bob & Bug was that they had escaped the storm in
Lone Pine. Since that was over a week ago, they’re probably well along
the trail since then.

Mike and I watched Wanchor take a nasty fall while trying to get over
the cornice on Mather Pass. After self-arresting he took the route up
the rocks instead. There were no suscessful footprints over the cornice
when we were there. 

That’s all the news I can think of from the trail. 

Karl “Birdman” Brandt
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