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[pct-l] Eastern Sierra lover

Hi everyone,

My name is Roy. I'm relatively new to this list and would like to introduce
myself with a small bio. I live in Los Angeles and have been backpacking
for over twenty years, mainly in the eastern Sierra Nevada's. However,
because of work, changes in life, and just plain laziness I have not spent
much time "in the hills" over the last few years.

I stumbled onto this list a few weeks ago and I am very thankful that I
did. Because of this list my enthusiasm and desire for getting back into
the back country has revived again in a big way! This August I plan to
spend nine days around the Lake Ediza area in the Ansel Adams wilderness
(my favorite place on Earth!). I'll be there for four days with a friend
and five days alone. I cannot wait!

I have noticed from much of the correspondence on this list that there
seems to be quite a lot of snow around that area still. Is there anyone out
there who has been to Lake Ediza that can report on the trail conditions?
In particular, the sometimes very treacherous log crossings 1/4 mile below
the outlet the lake? I have had a few unplanned swimming sessions with a
full pack there before and do not wish to repeat the experience.

Thanks again for this list you guys. The new boots are going to see a lot
of miles this year!

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