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Re: [pct-l] re: USFS Use Fees

>Joe Edwards writes:
>Vehicles parked on private land don't need a pass, and those who hold
>special use permits in Los Padres won't be required to buy one.
>Does a backcountry hiking permit count as a "special use permit"? My only
>gripe is the yearly pass is only good for three USFS areas. The National
>Park Service's annual "Golden Eagle Pass is good nation-wide, and similarly,
>the California State Park System's pass, state-wide.
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I'm sorry to jump in here again, but I do not believe in these new fees.
We pay taxes to support basic governmental service of which I firmly
believe national parks and national forests are one.  And the upkeep etc.
should be paid for out of our tax dollars not through use fee.

Otherwise soon all government services will be through use fees.  Imagine
the costs of this for parents if school adopted this use fee policy.

So stand up and be counted as against this form of double taxation.

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