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Re: [pct-l] Does anyone miss the trail?

At 11:02 PM -0700 5/14/97, Ryan Christensen wrote:
>Recently I have been getting quite trail sick. <snip>
. I am reminded of what John Muir wrote in My First Summer in the Sierra ,
"Life seems neither long nor short, and we take no more heed to save time
or make haste than do the trees and the stars. This is true freedom, a good
practical sort of immortality." <snip>

>Does anyone understand what I am saying. Please share your thoughts. . .
I do precisely.  That is why I am researching starting some type of
outdoor school.  The beauty and elegance of nature is at times
quite overwhelming.  I just returned from 4 days on Mnt Williamson in
the Sierra- napping at 11,000 feet in the sun on a ledge is awesome
and no comparison to "civilization".  However, we do depend on
civilization to get us to the trailhead; so I do not advocate a return to
John Muir-ish times.. although him sleeping ontop of Shasta next to
the fumeroles in the winter is quite an experience!


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