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[pct-l] Does anyone miss the trail?

Recently I have been getting quite trail sick. A year ago from now I was =
in the San Jacinto Mountains continuing my journey along the PCT. Not a =
day goes by that I don't think of the trail at length. I am even able to =
"replay" the trail visually, mentally seeing the layout of the trail as =
it curves through mountains and distant valleys. It's honestly getting =
to become quite an obsession.
I have always had a small obsession with the PCT. In high school I used =
to take the guidebook to classes and read it, I would carefully compare =
the written description with the map and get a feel for where the trail =
went. When I would drive I-10 through the San Gorgonio Pass on my way to =
Joshua Tree National Park I used to pull off when I got to Verbena =
Avenue and drive up to that huge green water tank that the trail passes =
above. I would climb up the small knoll behind it to reach the trail. =
There I would stand there next to the wooden post marked with the PCT =
symbol and look off into the distance and think. Before my PCT journey =
last year I used to think that after doing it I would stop thinking =
about the trail so much. As it turns out I was wrong.
The problem is the damn trail is so awesome, not only that but my =
journey last year far exceeded my high expectations. For me the trail =
was not just a physical journey, it was a spiritual journey to the =
center. While on the trail my mental horizons were stretched farther =
that I could have imagined. I experienced absolute and total freedom on =
the trail. It was energizing, yet gentle freedom. The rhythms of life- =
day/night, sunrise/sunset/ full moon/ new moon, where hypnotizing. I am =
reminded of what John Muir wrote in My First Summer in the Sierra , =
"Life seems neither long nor short, and we take no more heed to save =
time or make haste than do the trees and the stars. This is true =
freedom, a good practical sort of immortality." While on the trail I =
experienced time and time again trail magic. That magic has continued to =
fill my life in all ways. When things fall into place you know you are =
on the right path.
I still don't understand why the trail continues to call to me so =
strongly. I live in what I believe to be one of the most beautiful =
places in the U.S. --Humboldt County, CA. I am extremely happy with the =
University I am attending here, I have a great job as a Park Ranger this =
summer for the National Park Service in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, -- =
and yet the trail still calls.=20
It is perfictly imposible for me to fully articulate the awesome beauty =
of the Pacific Crest Trail. The beauty isn not only found in the trees, =
rocks, flowers, streams, and mountains; but within those who hike it. =
Soon enough I will be back "in" there.
Does anyone understand what I am saying. Please share your thoughts. . . =



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