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[pct-l] South Bound Problems?

OK, time to stop lurking...........

My wife and I are planning to tackle the WA/OR sections of the PCT heading
southbound from Manning. We are both experienced long walkers with 5000
miles of trail between us. My two questions are:

 1) Is the border crossing something to actually be concerned about as far
as reporting in etc., or is it more of something to have be aware of and
have an appropriate story cooked up if asked? When we walked across Europe
the borders were meaningless, but I understand the US may be different?

2) Given the recent snow reports, is additional gear, such as an ice axe,
etc. required for a July start? We are not planning on any "Jardinesqe"
days - plan on averaging about 15 miles/day walking with lots days off
anywhere we find interesting. Does this create a water problem in Southern
OR as we plan on hitting the CA/OR border about Oct. 1?

Any other south bound thoughts would be interest. Also, to whomever is
sponsoring this list, Thanks! It's been highly informative.

Dead Ahead
(David Weissner)
AT Ga-Me '91
GR5 Sea->Sea '94

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