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[pct-l] New PCT Water ?

While hiking along the Wellman's Cienaga Trail near San Jacinto last
Saturday, we talked briefly with two day-hikers. They, like me, have hiked
portions of the PCT. 

One of the hikers mentioned that there is a NEW water fountain by the trail
where the PCT meets with Snow Canyon Road (map B-11). This is un-confirmed
(personally), but something a hiker might look for as it will be a source of
water just a tad closer than the homes in Snow Creek village. 

If those two gentlemen are subscribers to this list, perhaps they will
identify themselves to me directly. We were the folks you talked with as we
were eating lunch by the trail; you had turned back at Wellman's Cienaga
because of weather (snow). Sorry I failed to get your names at the time.

Charlie Jones
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