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[pct-l] RE: stoves

Joe wrote:

> I thru-hiked the PCT in 1995 and never used (or wished I had) a stove.  It's 
> nice to lay in the tent and eat a sandwich while the ubiquitous Washington 
> rain falls all around.  You'll have a lot less weight to carry and you'll 
> never have to wash dishes or worry about finding/carrying extra water for
> loathsome task.  Give it a try.    

     Well, I have to say, Joe: you are a modern medical marvel! I went just
5 days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire without a stove and the
cravings I had were ... let's just say significant. I would suppose that the
majority of people are in a similar mold. Perhaps some medical person could
enlighten us on whether this craving for heated/cooked/fried/boiled food is
a learned response or something you're born with. If it is learned, can it
be unlearned? I would love to go without a stove!

Marko Peric       lonewolf@healey.com.au

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