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[pct-l] Stoves

We had a lot of luck with our Coleman Apex II stove. Absolutely no
maintenance (except for changing one 0-ring on the fuel bottle after about 4
months of solid hiking - AT- Thruhike '95).  Simmers great - will burn
unleaded and kerosene (with separate generator) as well as Coleman.  I've
burned unleaded in it - worked fine, but easy to get fuel on you and it
stinks if you do!  Anyone who has ever filled their car up with gas
obviously knows that.  Lightweight - prefer it to the Whisperlites due to
it's simmer feature and no maintenance problems. Only problem - fuel bottle
is 22 oz. bottle, but you can actually only fill it to 16 oz for use -means
you sometimes have to carry an extra fuel bottle (depending on how long you
are out).  I seem to get about 4 days worth out of the 16 ozs. - that's with
cooking breakfast and dinner for two people.


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