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[pct-l] Hola, new member

Hello everyone!
I am new to the list and have enjoyed all of the information that has been
passed along.  I am currently finishing up my MS at the University of
Washington and starting to plan my thru-trip of the PCT starting next
year.  I have several questions that I would love for people to give me
any insights of suggestions

The first concern deals with feminine hygiene.  So all of you women-hikers
out there I'd really like to here of your tricks on this.  My longest hike
to date has been 2 weeks and hygiene was not that important as I could
carry as much weight as I needed.

The second question I have is the tent vs. bivy sac conundrum.  I am
hiking with my partner and we are not sure if we should bring the small 2
person tent or both of us bring bivy sacs?  I suppose we could alternate
and use the tent at the higher elevations?  What has been most successful
in your experiences?

Also, does anyone know the earliest time that someone has left from Campo
and been successful in through hiking without layovers waiting for the
snow to melt??

Thanks and I hope to hear from many of you.  I look forward to sharing
with all of you on this group!!!!

live from Seattle,

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