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[pct-l] if you did it all again,...?

Hey all again,
My roommate, Toggosi (The Great God Of Stupid Ideas), who did the AT in '94,
can't say enough about just resupplying yourself from the small stores you
travel through rather than mailing yourself stuff along the way. I know that
that's just not possible for some parts of the crest trail, but there are
exceptions. I'm asking for advice from any section/thru-hikers on favorite
stores/binge places along the way to help us finalize our resupply packages.
whether we could get away with skipping a PO or two.
Namely, what's Mt. Laguna like? The books say there's a store, but how well
stocked? Fresh fruits/veggies? Dunkin Donuts available? one pot Liptons?

Be prepared for more freak-out questions in the near future as D-Day is
Dream Day, that is.

Thanks all.
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