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[pct-l] Food stuff

	While we are on the subject of food (and what subject is nearer or
dearer to the long distance hiker?) I thought I'd throw out a couple
	If you're making oatmeal or farina, put in a handful of raisins
while the water is getting hot. They swell up all plump and are really good
that way, trust me.
	A good thing to have along is a squeeze bottle of Parkay. Flavors
up food, good for frying up stuff, comes in it own handy dispenser
container and is not coincidentally high in calories. Same goes for honey
	Another trick is to boil up some Jello or pudding before you go to
sleep and leave the pot in a stream or snowbank overnight. Might not be the
highest nutritional value but what a great treat!
	I've haven't tried this one yet but I'm going to buy a big batch of
that weight lifter Megafood stuff and mix it into various concoctions on
the trail. That stuff is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.
Brewers yeast and nonfat dried milk are also excellent additives.
	If anyone else has got a favorite tip or two I'd love to hear them.

			Eugene, Oregon

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