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[pct-l] Re: [at-l] hiking in lederhosen

Some 30 years ago, when I had an easier time ignoring ridicule than I do
today, I climbed a mountain wearing lederhosen.  Actually, I generally
clowned around Salzburg, Austria for much of a summer wearing them.  (I also
remember wearing a paisley shirt with them - what a sight!)  

There are many advantages to lederhosen.    After a break-in period they
conform to the shape of your body, much like a shoe.  You need never worry
about washing them because, being leather, they really cannot be washed.
After some wear your sweat gives these leather shorts your own personal
patina and aroma.

Well, you can wash them, but whether they are washed in a machine or in a
clean rain, they become stiff, like cardboard.  This means they are ruined,
unless you are the  type particularly attracted to chaffing.  However, I seem
to recall that native American peoples were able to soften leather clothing
by chewing.  Hmmmm.

The bottom line?  Nice for day hikes, if you want something with an
individual flair and if you pay attention to the weather report.  Much, much
too heavey for backpacking (they weigh in at several pounds). 

William Busta
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