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[pct-l] Dogs on the trail-Snow going to the dogs

Last summer I probably made 4 or 5 sets of dog botties for sore footed
fido's, everything from old innertubes to my kids old tennis shoes all
with lots of duct tape. mostly JMT hikers going north. With aprox 80
miles of the trail left you get an idea about how far the pooch can 
make it before starting to have problems. They would rest a day more
than planned and leave. I'm not sure how the boots fared. From what I
saw the enjoyment of the dog was limited at best to just a few days. 
Weather update: No rain for the last 7 weeks. Snow is going fast, Our
local ski resort has already started its seasonal layoffs early, due to
poor snow conditions. 
Good luck class of 1997
Butch Wiggs
Vermilion Valley Resort
Edison Lake, CA
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