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Re: [pct-l] VB Gear: Stephonson tent & sleeping bag

Sorry, had to pitch in my two bits.
i'm picking up the Bibler GLT single wall tunnel tent for bad bugs and
washington rain this summer, after I use my home-made tarp in California.
The Bibler, with all necessary stakes and guy lines weighs in at 3 pounds, 10
ounces. excellent ventilation, but a tiny door so no stars to see on a buggy
night. :-(
It's really long so all gear can go inside, but the headroom is lacking. Most
people want to lie down after a long day anyway.
My Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight doesn't even come close weight-wise, though
it compresses a bit better, and I'd rather not be in a strong wind in that
Anyway, blah blah blah.
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