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[pct-l] "Going the Distance,..."

Hey all, me again.
The two through hikers I mentioned before, Jeff and Michelle, are hiking the
trail as a fund raiser for the Children's Hospital Foundation. What follows
is their flyer information if anyone would be interested in helping them out
for this worthwhile cause. I offered to post this since they don't have
internet access. Here it is:

"Going the Distance Because We Care..."
Pacific Crest Trail Hike 1997
PO Box 1754 Sultan, WA 98294

WHAT: To raise $15,000 in support of Children's Hospital Foundation's
uncompensated care fund that is expected to cover over $30 million in free or
part-paid care this year, Jeff Mizenko and Michelle Willix plan to hike the
entire 2650-mile Pacific Crest Trail.

WHEN: Starting May 2, 1997 at the Mexican Border near Campo, California and
finishing October 1, 1997 at the trail's end, Monument 78 in Manning
Provincial Park, British Columbia.

HOW: By foot with backpacks

WHY: To show we care about the world we live in and the people we share it

DONATION: We are asking for your support of Children's Hospital, to make a
donation tot he Foundation in the context of this hike. Donations can be
raised or given to Children's Hospital to benefit their uncompensated care
fund. 100% of funds raised will benefit Children's Hospital Foundation. In
kind donations are also being accepted to help Jeff and Michelle on and and
along their way.

NEXT: Please mail your donation by March 31st to:
Children's Hospital Foundation
PO Box 5371/MS CH-23
Seattle, WA 98105-0371

Or call (360) 793-5429, Jeff Mizenko and Michelle Willix at home if you are
interested in fund-raising in association with "GOING THE DISTANCE BECAUSE WE
CARE" because you TOO care.

KICK-OFF: Come join us at our kick-off party at 7pm Friday, April 4th, 1997
at the Children's Hospital in Seattle!

benefiting Children's Hospital & Medical Center, Seattle, Washington

(yahoo! good luck to you guys and I look forward to an increase in responses
from this post!-take care everyone!)
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