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[pct-l] PCT Hikers Handbook

I've gotta pitch in with my two cents about Jardine et al.

First off, I was hiking with the "Jardine Style" before the handbook was
printed. Heck, I even published an article in a magazine advocating a
similar style we were calling "fastpacking" a couple of years before
"Adventure Lore" press started this "new revolution in through hiking."

I have no qualms with any of the advice presented in the Handbook, but I am
tiring of the man himself. It seems that as far as he is concerned, there is
only one way to something: Ray's Way. 

Recently someone using the Adventure Lore e-mail address, threatened to sue
because of some stuff I had written about the PCT Hiker's Handbook. This
material was basically a severely toned down list of concerns that have been
discussed on this list. It seems that Jardine won't tolerate any open
discussion of his methods.

When Jardine had a disagreement with the PCTA a while back, he quit, formed
his own organization, and spent his free time taking pot shots at the PCTA.
In the second edition of the Handbook, he even takes the time to defame the
President of the PCTA. He doesn't even have the guts to make direct
accusations: they are "a person I know told me that..." statements.
In the mid 70's, I spent a few summers climbing in Yosemite Valley, at the
time when Jardine was putting up "a separate reality" the first 5.13 climb.
He was using these fancy camming devices he had developed, that later became
"friends." There was a flyer posted about Jardine's accomplishments, and his
new protection devices on a climbers message board in Camp 4. The flyer had
a hand written note on the bottom saying "Ray-You couldn't climb out of a
bathtub." In his book, John Long  (another great climber) he says some
unkind things about Jardine, and never even mentions that Jardine invented

It appears to me that Jardine has been pissing off folks for a very long time.

The content of the "PCT Hikers Handbook" is extremely interesting, and like
"friends," is having a great impact it's field. The man, however, can be
caustic, controversial, and seems to collect disciples and enemies.

Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          

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