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[pct-l] tyvek and silk

Most folks visit a building site and "borrow" some. I normally comes in
large rolls. I've tried to get a roll here in So-Cal, but no-one stocks it
here since insulation is not that big a deal. They could special order it
for me, but I didn't see a need for that much of the stuff.  I saw it all
over when I visited Colorado last summer.

I'll check on the silk prices and get back to you. Last time I made one, the
cost would have been about $30 for a liner. REI sells them for about $60.
How tall are you? Also the colors can be hideous since I am buying remnants.


At 12:02 AM 2/2/97 +0000, you wrote:
>where would i get tyvek? it sounds great. can you get it in a 4x8 ft. 
>pieces? how much for the liner? let me know, thanks.

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