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[pct-l] '97 hikers

I don't know about others but I have just had the first of the many
anticipated "can't get to sleep at night 'cause there's so much to do for
the trip" nights.

I have been actively planning for this trip since January '96.  I am in the
dehydrating food mode, and gathering the rest of the food into a large part
of the basement.

Equipment-wise I have everything I need already, although we did buy a new
tent and water filter.  How is everyone else coming along?

Again our biggest headache has been with the school system (my employer)
and the High School. at Semester registration they tried to convince Joy
-my daughter that is hiking with me- that she needed to take required
classes  even though they will not count for credit.  I am not empressed
with the High School Counselors:(  Finally got that issue settled last

Our planned departure date is still set for April 20.  I figure that with
the snow the Sierras have had this year they will be snow bound most of
summer.  Looks like some snoshoe fun.  Any observations about the Sierra
Timeline (June 14, according to Jardine)?

I'd really like to know how others are doing with preparations.
Bob & Joy (Bug)

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