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Re: [pct-l] Re: So. Cal. and backpacks

Hi.  I used to live in N. Cal. (Sacramento).  My one trip into the lower
Sierras was into Evolution Valley.  Great trip.  I remember we came in from
the west, went in for about a week.  Spent two days hiking in, two out and
two or three alongside a nice stream taking day hikes from there.  Came out
to a great rustic resort sort of place that had old fashioned bathing rooms
with spring fed hot tubs, the whole nine yards.  The whole trip was great.
In fact, I'm looking at a picture right now taken from the John Muir trail
of one of the peaks with a lake in the foreground and double exposed on a
small wildflower.  
Good luck!  Looking forward to your stories!
Jim Lynch...

>Hello pct enthusiasts!
>My name is Bill Kennington and I live in San Diego.  I love all of the
>stories and info I have gotten from this message and chat address.  
>I have a question.  I am interested in undertaking day hikes on the Southern
>Calif. portion of the pct.  I'm talking anything within 200 miles of Campo.
> Does anyone know of any particularly cool parts of the trail that they can
>I hope someday to have some great stories of my own to add.

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