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[pct-l] bag liners

First off, thanks brick for the advice for us thruhikers this year.

In regards to sleeping bag liners, Feathered Friends happens to make a
wonderful one out of 1.1 ounce ripstop nylon, and it come in small, medium
and long. They're blue, too. They say it weighs 6 ounces, but it feels
lighter. Sewn onto the liner is little clips that are meant to be coupled
with a FF bag, so when you toss and turn in the night the liner isn't twisted
everywhich way and you can't get out of you bag! FF is the only co. that has
such amenities included with every bag, but I have a Marmot and will be
sewing on my own tabs. One thing that's really nice about the liner is its
really silky and comfortable to slide into. Though i haven't slept on an
incline in it yet to see if it's too slick. The cost of the liners is $35. I
looked at it closely for awhile before I bought it to see if I wanted to make
my own, but it looked too good to copy, at least for me. They're mummy in
shape and open up to halfway down.
Their number here in Seattle is (206) 292-2210 if anyone's interested.
Good luck to everyone this year and I'll see you out there in May!
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