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[pct-l] new intro

now that the new list is up, a re-intro is in order (and thanks ryan for
your dedicated work on the list).

i'm 30, live in galt, ca and recently joined the pcta looking for trail crew
work.  also a member of the atc.  actually, my first love is the at, but
when in rome...

thruhiked the at in 92, did the portion of the jmt between the national
parks in 93, and the tyt in 94.  long distance hiking is in a bit of a
hiatus right now, unfortunately, but i still try to get out for long
weekends.  hoping to do the pct in 2000, and *all* of this country's long
distance trails before i die, certainly all of the national scenic ones.
we'll see how far i get.

to Kathy and Dave Seasholtz:  as east coasters, you might want to also join
the AT-L, (appalachian trail list).  there are many avid backpackers that
are members of both lists.  lots of good information, stories, discussions here!

well, time to dig out the skins and 4-season tent and head up the hill...


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