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[pct-l] Hello!!

I'm new to the world of computing and very new to this list.  I'm still a bit
confused as to how this all works.  Is this the archives or a daily update
from people on the list.  I don't even know if I'm on this list.  I just
typed in an E-mail address that I got off some E-mail that I recieved from
what is called the Pacific Crest Trail Mailing List Digest; and I'm not
exactly sure what that is.  

I'm very interested in hiking parts of the PCT this summer.  I'm from San
Diego.  I have visited the southern end of the PCT.  I was very excited when
I found it on the Mexican border in Campo.  I'm looking for information on
where I can get high quality equipment at good prices.  Most of my camping
equipment was stolen on a trip to Oregon.  I'm saving up though and I'm very
excited about hitting the trail solo for about six weeks.  Anyone have any
suggestions about equipment or survival?  I'm thinking about picking up the
PCT guide book.  

Lest I ramble too much.  I'm excited to be on this list.(I think)  Good luck
to everyone in their hiking adventures and I'm looking forward to hearing
about them.

Peaceful hiking to all.
Bill  "Wildman"

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