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[pct-l] Introducing...Mike Coltrin

Hello PCT List,

I'm a 49 year old hiker from Tucson Arizona.  I've been pretty involved with
hiking and backpacking since the spring of '83.  I am currently on the board
of the Southern Arizona Hiking Club (1250 members).  Two years ago a friend
asked me if I knew anyone that would be interested in hiking the PCT.  I
told him that maybe I'd be interested after I retired. Be carefull what you
ask for.....  Due to an accident while hiking in Mexico (compound fracture
of the wrist), I am now in the process of taking an early retirement.  John
and I are now seriously researching the PCT.  We are contemplating the
possibility of a through trip in 1999.  Thankfully, we have too many irons
in the fire to jump right into this adventure and plan to use the time
between then and now advantageously.

I hope to go to school on the experiences of other members of this list and,
maybe, be of help to you in return. 

Later,  Mike

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