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[pct-l] Signing on

  I'm Dick Wix presently from Tropical / Topical, Rochester MN. I've hiked
many varied portions of the US..
I'm originally from southwestern Montana (Bozeman)... I've hiked portions of
SW Montana and NW Wyoming while in Scouts... I've also hiked various trails
in CA, CO, VT, AZ and MN,,, suchas portions
of the JMT (which I'll complete someday), trails in RMNP, the LT, several
trails around Tucson AZ, the 
Grand Canyon (3x, the last time N Rim to S Rim), portions of the SHT and
several trips to the BWCA...
  My longest hike todate was a 94 thru-hike of the AT (S -> N)... (my
retirement party).!!
  What I want from the PCT-L, is to stay *tuned* to the west coast hiking
net; as I still have lots of the 
JMT and / or the PCT to do (probably in sections)...
  And yes, some might consider me one of *the over-the-hill-types*; however,
during my thru-hike on the
AT, I met *Johnny O* in the New England area who was completing the AT and
in August of 94 racked-
up his 80th birthday (on the trail)... He'd previously completed the PCT
sometime in 91, 92 or 93... BTW,
he does not consider himself *over-the-hill*.!!!

  happy holidays,

         Dick & Lyn  Wix     (Tropical; Rochester, MN)
                 aka  "WIXeR"  AT-94  GA->ME
       We'll get there,,,, when we get there.!!" - obscure

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