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[pct-l] Fw: Medical alert

Reinhold, so sorry to hear about your terrible accident, and subsequent travails.  Next time you come through here, I'll tell you the story about Jeff's dogbite on his, ahem, well, you know.  Makes the catheter seem like a picnic.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Also, consider yourself lucky.  Mammoth had seven fatalities within a week just recently, one of them was a ski patrol member.


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>> TO ALL MY FRIENDS.....(Backpacker fanatics, ski bums, camp ruffians, trail
>> scoundrels,
>> Echo 2/7 Grunts, and all other social misfits)
>>     Four weeks ago, mama  almost was right. I took a nasty high speed
>> while skiing Mammoth Mt. in the Sierra Nevada's and blew out my left
>> shoulder - did some serious damage--three torn rotary cuff muscles, torn
>> biceps muscle, broken rotary cup bone, & other tendon and nerve damage.
>>     The good news after 4 hours on the table, they put me all together
>> again.
>>     The bad news--I'm held together with screws.
>>     To add insult to injury, the day after the operation, a cute young
>> walks in and says it's time for you to take a pee now,  and with her hot
>> little hand holds my ding a ling  to a urine bottle and waits for me to
>> I try and try and I try to no avail.  She smiles and says maybe you are a
>> little nervous .  I just leave you alone and come back in 30 minutes.
>> Thirty minutes later and still nothing. Maybe the morphine and nerve block
>> have not worn off yet she says.  We'll try again in two hours.  To make a
>> long story short, after several hours of failed attempts and several faile
>> attempts by the cute nurse and the head nurse to install a catheter tube,
>> I'm getting panicky.  NOW WHAT?  If I don't get to pee soon, I will be in
>> serious trouble.  The head nurse makes a frantic call to the urology dept.
>> Fifteen minutes later the urologist arrives and states that this is not
>> unusual after major surgery but don't worry- I know what to do.  I've done
>> this once before.  Oh, good so you have experience I respond with great
>> relief.  So now I'm lying on the bed spread eagle under bright lights
>> exposed with three nurses staring intensely at you know what while the
>> urologist is working the catheter up my ding a ling.  WHAT HUMILIATION.
>> by this time I was in so much misery, I did not care anymore.
>>     NOW THE QUESTION IS THIS---What if this happens on the trail, several
>> days from civilization.  How do you deal with this?
>> Maybe it's time to put a catheter in the first aid pack.
>>     Well anyhow, I don't look too romantic right now,  all bandaged up and
>> catheter and urine bag hanging from my ding a ling.
>> Maybe that's why Karen (my wife) has not been purrrring into my ears
>>     So if you guys see a hike on the trail with a catheter tube dragging
>> behind him,  IT'S ME!!!!
>>     Has anybody had any experience with a like shoulder injury.  The
>> are sort of wishy washy about the full recovery potential.
>>     Since the accident, my left arm and shoulder, especially the joints
>> to be very sensitive to cold and start hurting.
>>     I hope that I don't have to carry extra cold weather gear on my hikes.
>>     It would not be much of a problem on regular hikes, but it would
>> mess up the ultra   light strategy on those high speed marathon treks.
>>                 JMT Reinhold
>>                 Your intravenously fed trail companion
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