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[pct-l] MM recovery?

Shutterbug steiner wrote:

> So MIkeM .......How's your recovery since that accident lat year?
> SB
> maurer@earthlink.net wrote:

Shutterbug, Greg, and all,

Thanks for asking about my leg. After 8 long months I'm STILL in a leg 
brace, but things are looking up. Apparently, it takes a long time for 7 
breaks to heal (3 femur, 2 tibia, 2 fibula). The titanium rods in my 
upper/lower leg have held things in place pretty well, but one of the 
screws in my lower leg snapped about 4 months ago and has caused a delay 
in full recuperation. I have an electric bone growth simulator on my 2 
tibia breaks (the one's that are causing the delays) and now recently 
moved from the huge, black inflexible boot to a sleek new leg brace. 
This new "PTB Orthodic" allows for ankle articulation and now I can wear 
2 shoes for the first time since June and am slowly regaining leg 
strength as a result of walking more normally.

While it sounds weird, I have a check up on 2/27 and if all is well, 
I'll be out of this brace soon. If it still looks bad in there, I'm 
scheduled to have my lower leg re-broken/ straightened on March 2. You 
can imagine that I'm doing everything I can to strengthen my leg at the 
moment, not wishing to have someone intentionally re-break my leg (and 
start my recovery from scratch after 9 months).

Bottom line? 1. one day I'll walk normally again; 2. The insurance 
settlement will FUND A 2007 THRU-HIKE!!!!!!!!!!  That's right, this 
message is finally on topic! I'd shared privately with a few friends, 
but am now willing to talk about it with the community - I'll be 
attempting a PCT thru hike next season. I'm already VERY excited about 
thru hiking next year. It'll give me a big reason to get strong this 
year and will fulfill a long time dream of mine. So if you see me 
speaking at Trailfest (I'll be joining Switchback and Warner Springs 
Monty to talk about Innovations in Trail Gear) or at the Kick Off, don't 
worry if I'm in a brace, a cast, or simply hobbling around - I'll be 
joining the class of 2007 under full strength.

Thanks for checking in though - I really appreciate it.

Mike Maurer
Gossamer Gear