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[pct-l] Section O and P, July 3-10

I just did section O and the first 60 miles of section P, as far as Hwy 3,
averaging about
20 miles per day.

Section P is in excellent shape, Section O is in excellent shape for section O.
Both are ideal right now, with lots of water and very little snow problems
compared to higher

Section O is much maligned, but it has a number of interesting vistas and
varieties of terrain,
and phenomenal solitude compared to e.g. the JMT in August.

There is indeed poison oak along the trail from Squaw Valley Creek to
Butcherknife Creek,
but it's not overgrowing the trail.    There is indeed brush overgrowing the
trail for ten miles
of private land
north of Peavine Creek, but it is not poison oak and it is soft and you can feel
the trail with
your feet.

Volunteer trail crews have been hard at work under direction of the PCTA and BCH.
The trail is not quite ready for riding; there are some snow banks left and some
trees down
including about one major stock-blocking tree per day in section O.
The short stretch of trail that parallels the road, immediately west of Mushroom
Rock, is not worth
the trouble currently due to steep snow.    If I did it again, I'd just take the

The Grizzly Peak fire lookout is abandoned and unlocked and you can sleep inside
if you are
lonely for squeaky company.    I kept my food outside.

Some disorganized photos will be at http://dhs.oakapple.net/recent
They may not get organized for months or years.