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[pct-l] Data Book Mileposts

Comparing the previous and new data books we see that the trail has grown by
seven miles between
editions, and it might grow again when OR/WA is revised.     This creates
problems with our
ingrained habit of naming points by the distance from the Mexican border.    For
Soda Creek Road is around 1500 on the old system.     When something is changed
in section A,
it propagates all the way to Canada... unless we adopt a different convention.

I'd modestly propose that the data book name points by their distance north from
the beginning
of the current section.    That way changes within a section affect only that
E.G. P-0.0 would be Soda Creek Road and P-60.0 (approximately, I'm doing this by
would be Hwy 3 at Scott Mtn Summit.    The data book should continue to also list
mileage north from Mexico as well, but the more important change is a cultural
one in the
way we refer to things in places like the desert water website and other reports.