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[pct-l] More Super Secrets of Backpacking -- #41 to #44

I know you have had withdraw symptoms from the List being down, so here is  
your Super Secret fix.
#41 - Timing Your Hydration: One of the biggest challenges we have on the  
trail is dehydrating. This is extremely important, but we too often lose track  
drinking on a steady and regular basis. As you know, once you sense that you 
are  thirsty, it is too late. You are already are or starting to dehydrated. 
---  75% of the US population are chronically dehydrated
--- 37% of the US  population mistake thirst for hunger 
We need a little help in this critical  area. Carry a simple Sunbeam 
electronic timer (2.0 ounces) from the Walmart  kitchen section. Cut off the little 
magnet and stand and put it in a shirt  pocket so you can hear the alarm every 
30 minutes for a refreshing drink.   BEWARE: Do not put yourself into 
hyponatremia ("water  intoxication)!!!!  This is where you drink too much water.  You  
unbalance your body salt content and it can lead to death just like 
dehydration  does with too little water.  I ALWAYS eat a peanutbutter cracker or salty  
gorp with my 30-minute drink.  Keep your personal chemistry balanced.
#42 - Skin Protection: Proper protection of your skin from radiation is  very 
important on the trail. You already know about SunPrecaution.com clothing  
and the GoLite Chrome Dome umbrella (with Switchback?s World Famous Handsfree  
Umbrella Holder). Get into the habit of applying each morning some sun screen 
at  SPF 30 with aloe, vitamins, and cocoa butter. I recommend the REI Sun Block 
30  (2.75 ounces) or the new Repel Lemon-Eucalyptus repellent (no Deet) -- 
proved  very effective in tests.

#43 - Mist Sprayer: This is a simple water  carrier with a pump. You can 
modified it to sling over your shoulder and carry  on the side or put it one your 
belly pack. You give it several pumps and then  turn the hose valve on and you 
have a super fine mist of water covering your  face and neck. SUPER COOL. It 
is unbelievable how cool this will make you feel  on a hot day either in the 
desert or going across a snow field in summer. Under  2 pounds with sling and 
almost full of water. If you use potable water, then it  is drinking water 
backup.  I am currently using the COOL BLAST by Misty  Mate.
#44 - Pedometer: These handy little devices might be useful for giving you  
your mileage or other indicators as you walk. This might be VERY USEFUL as you  
walk to the next water source or trail town.  I am using the GoWalking  
Talking Pedometer (1.25 ounces).  If you have used some type of pedometer,  let me 
know what your experiences have been.  My local park has a .47 mile  
rubberized walking track, so that is where I have calibrated the device.   

Your 1.5 MPH hiking buddy and PCT Section Hiker (est. 1970),  Switchback