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[pct-l] Angeles NF Use Restrictions

	The Angeles National Forest Web site now contains a PDF map
and a PDF text for the recent forest use restrictions:


	Note that the latter document requires a recent PDF reader to

	I note one discrepancy between the order, as written, and my
telephone conversation with the ANgeles National Forest Supervisor's
office.  What if you want to hike on the PCT withing 1/8 mile of a
listed open road?  The person I talked to thought that would be OK,
but the official order, as written, forbids it (i.e., as written, you
can hike anywhere within 1/8 mile of a listed open road, *except* on
an official trail or forest service road).  Of course, I'm reading the
order as though it were a computer program, based on logic...

	More importantly, note that it might be possible for SOBO
throughhikers to get a special permit granting them permission to
traverse the PCT *in spite* of the general closure order.  I don't
know how inclined the Angeles NF Supervisor would be to issue such a
permit, but the possibility exists.

					Craig "Computer" Rogers