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[pct-l] Journal by digital voice recorder

I take lots of pictures when I go hiking and I prefer to jot down notes  
for each picture. I used to use a pencil and a small pad of paper but  
eventual got a Palm Pilot specifically for this purpose and it works  
great. It fits easily in my pocket so it's easy to get to and I don't  
notice the weight and when I get home I can sync it to my computer  
where I have easy access to my notes rather than having to fast-forward  
or rewind an audio file. The size of a text file is not an issue and  
I've never had to replace the batteries during a trip.


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On Sep 28, 2004, at 8:46 AM, dude wrote:

> One thing that I thought the voice recorder would help with is
> documenting photos.  I always seem to come back from the trip and sit
> there and look at several of my photos and say "hmmm.  now was this X
> lake or Y lake?"  did the recorder help with that at all?